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Gay polyamorous a relationship. These information aren’t distinct, and nyc’s gay and bi men aren’t challenging your attempting to engage in these conduct

Polyamory, Bisexuality, Life Solitary, Asexuality, and Alternative Romance Constructs

UPPER BODY’s research showed that about sixty percent comprise unmarried. Of those combined, about 58% were in monogamous associations. Of those that were non-monogamous, 53percent happened to be in open interactions, and 47percent had been in “monogamish” relations (in other words., lovers with intercourse with other people as partners such as for instance “threeways” or group sex).

These results are not special, and nyc’s homosexual and bi men aren’t really your starting these demeanor. In 2010 professionals at san francisco bay area status college executed much the same study that revealed how usual available interaction happen to be among joined gay men and lesbians inside the Bay room. Being the New York era described, “The Gay Couples learn . then followed 556 male lovers for three age — about 50 percentage among those surveyed make love outside their particular commitments, employing the facts and consent of these lovers.” That shape is definitely remarkably alike precisely what CHEST found.

Guy in totally monogamous collaborations confirmed much less illegitimate drug need and substantially lowered reproductive health risk when comparing to all the categories of people (individual, open, and “monogamish”), recommending a benefit to monogamy. But BREASTS’s discoveries furthermore mentioned that non-monogamous partnerships incorporate other kinds of benefits to homosexual and bisexual males.

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